18 November 2012

Is It Thanksgiving Already???

Hello Dear Readers!

My apologies for the hiatus, it was most unexpected. Truth is, while I would love to make genealogy and blogging my full-time endeavor, the rather inconvenient need to eat requires another avenue for steady funds.

Lord, I need to stop watching BBC television for about a month. Truth is, I have another more physical occupation that has a regular paycheck. Sadly, a few weeks ago, I injured my hand on the job. I injured my thumb and forearm. I was unable to type for some time. When I finally started to sit down to my computer work again, I had terrible bouts of tingles and stiffness. I had to face the harsh reality: my hand was sprained and it needed rest.

Well, I'm on the mend now and hope to have some great posts for the holidays to get your genealogy juices flowing! Thanksgiving is this Thursday, so it's a perfect time to pump the living relatives for what they know. But don't be a black hole of information. Prepare a poster or book or something showing your family tree. Take photos to share. Make games! Have photos printed out card style and print or write facts about the relative on the back. Who wouldn't want to trade their Uncle Silas' second wife for a Great Grandma rookie card? Or play family trivial pursuit! Make cards for the game with the categories of, say, "Smith family history" or "Family milestones" or "Regional recognition." Complete your game piece (and crown yourself in gloating glory) by winning with the wedge for "what family member ran for political office twice and failed to win before becoming an optometrist"! Take out the baby photos and play a "Guess who". The ideas are endless as long as you are willing to get creative!

Well, I hope to entertain you with a new post this Friday. Until then, it's traditional Sunday dinner time with the parents. It doesn't have to be a holiday to get you together with your family.

But it helps,


  1. Glad you're on the mend! I definitely noticed your absence. Great ideas for the games. Too bad I work Thanksgiving and will miss the festivities, but something to work on for Christmas. Oh dang...forgot I volunteered that day on my own. Well, like you said, a Sunday will do :) Thank you! Rest the wrist. ~~ Patti