Interview Questions

I would like to note, first off, that this list assumes you know nothing of your relative and should be adjusted if you can answer these questions yourself, but keep in mind you may not know the whole story. Also, add questions as the situation dictates- this is only my "top of the head" questions.

Basic Questions
1. What is your birth date?
2. Where were you born?
3. Where did you grow up as a child?
4. Who were your friends growing up?
5. Where did you go to school? (elementary, high school, college, technical and trade schools?)

1. What was your father's name? His birthday? Where was he born?
- If applicable, when/where did he die? Where was he buried?
2. Where did he grow up?
3. What was your mother's name? Her birthday? Where was she born?
- If applicable, when/where did she die? Where was she buried?
4. Where did she grow up?
5. Do you have any siblings?
- If applicable, what were their names? Birthdays? When did they die?
6. What about your grandparents?

Extended Family
1. Do you have any Aunts/Uncles? Are they on your mother or father's side?
2. Do you have cousins?
3. Any neices/nephews?
*Natuarlly ask about their vitals, see if any are still living. If any are alive, ask if they have any contact information for them

1. Have you ever worked?
2. What have you done? When?
3. Who was/were your employer(s)?
4. Did you do any odd jobs as a child? (this one's just a fun question and you get some great stories)

1. Were you ever in the military?
2. What branch of service? When? For how long?
3. Did you receive any awards or commendations?
* You can also ask this about their relatives since they may have stories about their family's military career

1. When did our family come to America? (really can be asked of any country that you know you're not a native)
2. Who was our founding ancestor?
3. Where is our family originally from? *Be ready for what they "know" to not be the truth as throughout history people have claimed a different heritage to escape persecution or elevate their status
4. Do we have living relatives still there? Do you keep in touch with them?

Last but not least, ask if they have any photos, heirlooms, stories, etc. that you can have or copy to add to your collection. Above all else, you are the self-appointed curator of your family history!

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    Great list of questions :-)

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